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Course Overview:

  • Title: Clinic
  • Pre-Requisites: Anatomy, Physiology, Therapeutic massage, Polarity therapy massage
  • Total Hours: 40
  • Register online, or call 831-476-2115 for more information.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to greet a client, give a 50-minute massage, complete SOAP notes and learn to adjust their techniques to cater to individual client needs by the end of this course. This includes but is not limited to:

  • How to set up and prepare a massage room for a client
  • Greeting a client and accompanying them to the massage room
  • Using SOAP notes with a client
  • How to give client instructions for getting on the table
  • Accompanying a client from the massage room to the reception area
  • Ending the session with a client
  • Preparing for the next client

Public Massage Clinics

*Clinic is a required class for state certification.

Course Description

Student Clinic promotes learning in a professional atmosphere that prepares students for future employment employment. Student Clinic Practice provides students the opportunity to experience the client/practitioner relationship and create individualized client sessions in a clinical setting.