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Integral Massage

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$1400 – 85 hours

Donna Hayes received her massage certification from the Cypress Health Institute. She has been teaching at Cypress since 2015.

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • A broad range of physical manipulations and know how and when to apply various strokes and techniques.
  • To be able to focus life energy and channel it creatively for healing.
  • How to give a nurturing massage and be able to alleviate pain and provide other symptomatic relief.
  • Insight into the dynamics of the healing process and an understanding of the underlying causes of disease.
  • Understanding of the anatomy of the human body with its structural and functional interrelationships.
  • How to respond effectively to the emotional expression and physical release of clients.
  • Self-care and proper bodywork mechanics when giving a full-body Swedish massage.
  • How to develop the self-confidence and intuitive freedom to trust your own innate healing abilities.
  • How to increase sensitivity to and awareness of your own needs and values.
  • How to develop a sense of professionalism.
  • A strong foundation for further studies in the holistic health field.