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Cypress Health Institute is a nonprofit education organization dedicated to the teaching of preventative and holistic health care practices. We provide an opportunity for students interesting in acquiring professional training in a broad spectrum of therapeutic skills, while facilitating a high level of physical, mental and emotional well being in both themselves and others. Program emphasis is on a commitment to professional integrity, personal growth and therapeutic effectiveness. It is our intention that the conscientious student will graduate as a massage therapist of the highest caliber.

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All classes will be held at 1119 Pacific Ave, Suite 300, Santa Cruz, California. Ample off-street parking is available.

The classes will be conducted in classrooms with heating and air conditioning available. Restroom facilities are adjacent to each classroom.

Cypress Health Institute Massage School, its classrooms and all the facilities it occupies (and the equipment it utilizes) fully comply with federal, state and local ordinances pertaining to fire safety, building safety and health standards.

Questions about state licensure?

Cypress Health Institute’s program meets current standards set by the state of California for licensure as a massage therapist. We offer unique classes with expert instructors to challenge and expand learning in the classroom whether you are new to massage and bodywork or you are a seasoned therapist looking to expand your knowledge. CHI’s program and individual courses meet guidelines towards licensure in the state of California. Cypress is an approved CAMTC school.

For more information about registration and our school of massage therapy, please contact us at 831-476-2115.

For specific questions about your license as well as recent changes to state law on January 1, 2015, please contact the California Massage Therapy Council.

Approval Status

Cypress Health Institute is an approved CAMTC school. The Cypress Health Institute has been licensed since 1982. The Cypress Health Institute is operating with license under California Educational Code Section 94311 (d). Our graduates are fully certified under guidelines issued by the California Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Department of Education.

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