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Chinese Medical Theory II

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With over 2500 years of clinical practice and academic study, Chinese Medicine is the oldest continuously practiced professional medical system in the world.

Chinese Medicine is based on the understanding that a Life Force Energy flows throughout our bodies. This energy fills the physical organs, tissues and structures of our body/mind, forming an internal network of subtle energy. When this energy network is vital, we are healthy, and, when this vitality is compromised, we become ill. Chinese Medicine focuses on returning and / or maintaining the balance and vitality of this Life Force Energy in the body, mind and spirit. 

Christine Revie  L. Ac 

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • The 12 regular meridians.
  • Eight Extraordinary Vessels.
  • Tendino-muscular pathways.
  • Effective points and main indications for 12 general points, Tonification, sedation points, source points, Lou connecting points, Mu and Shu points, and beginning/ending points.
  • Evaluation and Identification – Looking, listening, asking, palpating, pulse
    Hara, channels and points, Mu and Shu points to diagnose and treat patients.
  • Pathology: causes and patterns of etiology, imbalances & contraindications.