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Therapeutic Massage Program

Become a California Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)
500 Hours to a New Career

Specialize in:
Therapeutic Massage
Sound Healing
Asian Bodywork

We recommend starting with our 250 Hour Therapeutic Massage Foundation Class which includes:

Oil Massage:
• Swedish Massage
• Rocking Sequences
• Deep Tissue Massage

• Acupressure
• Reflexology
• Polarity Therapy

Introduction to:
• Anatomy
• Physiology
• Pathology
• Contra Indications
• Ethics
• Business Practices
• Counseling Skills

Finish off your 500 hour certification by choosing from the following

Acupressure/Tui Na
* Anatomy
Ayurvedic Massage
Chi Nei Tsang
Chinese Medical Theory
* Contra Indications
* Ethics
Integral Massage
Medical Qi Gong
Neuromuscular Therapy
Orthopedic Evaluation and Release of Hip and Shoulder
* Pathology
* Physiology
Polarity Therapy
Shiatsu Massage
Sound Healing
Thai Massage

* Required for certification

1) Enroll in our 500 hour therapeutic massage therapist program.

2) Enroll in our 250 hour therapeutic massage therapist program and then take individual classes to accrue 250 additional hours needed for certification.

3) Enroll in individual classes to accrue the 500 hours needed for certification.

Call for more information and to register 831-476-2115

250 hour therapeutic massage program:

14 weeks
250 hour level I towards California state 500-hour certification

Bodywork: demonstration, practice and theory:

Anatomy: structure and function of the body:

  • Anatomy: 90 hours
  • Business practices: 6 hours
  • Counseling skills: 12 hours

Class description:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Oil work – Integral massage (Swedish and Rocking strokes)
  • Non – oil work – Acupressure, Polarity therapy and Reflexology
  • Counseling skills for body workers
  • Professional business practices

Call to register for next class or for more information, 831-476-2115.

Classes are held at the Cypress Health Institute
1119 Pacific Ave, Suite 300, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Tuition is $3800.00.

Payment by installment plans are available with no finance charges.

Class size is limited.