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Cypress Health Institute Winter Classes

See here for more information on our certificate programs.

Integral Massage

100 hours
Learn how to give a professional full body Swedish massage.

Polarity Massage
150 hours
Learn how to give a professional full body Polarity massage.

Anatomy II
56 hours
A hands-on approach to learning the structure and function of the human body.

24 hours
This class provides the skills needed to offer a complete general acupressure session and prepares students to  work as an acupressure practitioner.

Ayurvedic Massage
24 hours
You will learn a full body relaxing and healing Ayurvedic Massage.

Chinese Medical Theory I
24 hours
Students learn the foundations of Chinese Medicine including meridians, 5 elements and yin and yang.

Chinese Medical Theory II
24 hours
Students deepen their knowledge of paired organs, extraordinary vessels and Chi movement.

Chi Nei Tsang
24 hours
In this class you will learn how to do visceral massage covering all the internal organs as well as Buddha Palm technique.

12 hours
Meet California standards of practice management.

Medical Qi Gong
24 hours
Learn techniques to promote health, vitality and resistance to disease.

24 hours
Students will learn the system of Reiki and how to give a full body Reiki Treatment.

Shiatsu Massage
24 hours
Learn a complete, professional Shiatsu treatment for the whole body.

Thai Massage
24 hours
Students will learn Thai massage techniques for front, back and sides of the body.

Jason Kal at Cypress Health InstituteRead about new faculty member Jason Kal’s upcoming course here!