Course Overview:

  • Title: Physiology
  • Upcoming Sessions:
    • February 8 – March 1
      Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8 am – 12 noon
  • Total Hours: 36
  • Cost: TBA (Payment plans available)
  • Instructor: Athene Eisenhardt
  • Register online now, or call 831-476-2115 for more information.

Physiology is a required class for state certification.

This class focuses on teaching you about the function of the human body and it’s systems. Discussions will include the principles of reciprocal inhibition, all or none, specificity of nervous energy and the conservation of energy.

athenaeAthena Eisenhardt has a deep knowledge and appreciation of how the human body functions.  She has studied and taught physiology and related health sciences for many years.

Topics include the study and understanding of:

  • Muscles: The names and types of muscles, the anatomy and function of muscles, how muscle contraction works and disorders of muscle function.
  • Connective Tissue: The types of connective tissue in the body and the characteristics of connective tissue and fascia, tendons and ligaments; what they are made of, how they work and where they are in the body and how to work with them.
  • Joints: The different kinds of joints in the body and how they function. Movements of Joints in the body and Postural Assessment of the body and it’s parts.
  • Self care: Body mechanics and understanding your posture and position while giving a massage.
  • Biomechanics and motion and learning how to use your body, limbs and joints to prevent injuries.
  • Inflammation and the stages of Inflammation. Understanding and working with the various stages of inflammation during a massage.