Shiatsu Massage

photo Scott 1This class demonstrates an integrated style of Shiatsu that stimulates points and releases tension in the neck, shoulders, back, legs and face. Learn how to give a full body session that incorporates range of motion and stretching. Taught on floor mats.

Learn advanced Zen Shiatsu techniques along with potent points and meridian dos and don’ts. Home therapy and exercises will be taught to address common complaints and promote healing. Refinement of the Zen Shiatsu form and body mechanics will be demonstrated and practiced in class.

Can’t work on the floor? Want to integrate Shiatsu and other modalities? Work on a table?

In This Class You will learn:

  • How to utilize Shiatsu techniques on a massage table.
  • How to use proper body mechanics to ensure a longer bodywork life.
  • The breath – finger pressure dance for the best energy balancing results.
  • Explore ways to increase energy flow with the client.

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Scott Shaffer, P.T.