Course Overview:

  • Title: Anatomy II
  • Upcoming Sessions:
    • January 24 – February 28
    • April 18 – May 11
      Tuesdays and Thursdays  1-5 PM
  • Total Hours: 56
  • Cost: TBA (Payment plans available)
  • Instructor: Trevor Caruso
  • Register online now, or call 831-476-2115 for more information.

Are bones alive? How is the kidney like an oil filter and radiator all in one organ? Is the heart just a pump as they say in the west, or is the seat of joy and fire, as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine? How exactly is the hip bone connected to the knee bone? The human body’s interlacing system offer an entire world of science, art and mystery. Join us Cypress for an anatomy class that brings it all together so it actually makes sense, instead of just memorizing a long list of terms.

Anatomy and Physiology are the perfect skills to understand the intricate, but fascinating language of the body. This class is not only the study of the body’s structure and function, but a dynamic, hands-on experience of muscles and bones, joints and connective tissues, organs and the body’s networks of systems.

You will explore the musculo-skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, integumentary, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, urinary, and reproductive systems not only as scientific realities, but as energetic spheres communicating with each other.

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • Major organs, systems, muscles, and bones of the body
  • Anatomical landmarks and their relationship to function and health
  • Physiology of the body’s systems and how it relates to client assessment

*Anatomy is a required class for state certification.