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Become a California Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

September 7th!   Fall classes begin

Begin your training, add hours or prepare for the MBLEX exam with these classes:

250-hour and 500-hour massage certification program begins September 7th

250-hour Class meets Wednesday evenings 7-10 PM and Saturday days 9 AM – 5 PM

Daytime classes:

Anatomy meets Wednesday and Thursday from 8-noon
start date is Monday, Sept 21 and the end date is Wed, October 26

Pathology meets Monday and Friday mornings: Mon 9-12 and Fri 8-12
Start date is Monday October 3rd and the end date is Monday, Nov 7th.

Physiology meets Monday and Thursday mornings 8-12.
Start date is Thurs Oct 27 and the end date is Nov 28th or Dec 1st.



Call 831-476-2115 or register online

500 Hours to a New Career!

Three ways to become certified:

  • Take our 500 hour Therapeutic Massage Certification class.
  • Take our 250 hour Therapeutic Massage Foundation class + 250 hours of individual classes.
  • Take individual classes as your schedule allows to accrue 500 hours.

See “*” below for classes that are required for certification.

We specialize in:

250 hour Therapeutic Massage Foundation class includes:

Oil Massage:
• Swedish Massage
• Rocking Sequences
• Deep Tissue Massage

• Reflexology
Polarity Therapy

Introduction to:
• Contra Indications
• Business Practices
• Counseling Skills

Next 250 hour class offered September 7th through December 17th.
Saturdays 9am – 6pm and Wednesdays 7pm – 10pm
Cost: $3,800 payment plans available
To register or for more information, call 831-476-2115.

Individual classes offered at Cypress Health Institute:

Acupressure/Tui Na
* Anatomy
Ayurvedic Massage
Chair Massage
Chi Nei Tsang
Chinese Medical Theory
* Contra Indications
* Ethics
Integral Massage
Medical Qi Gong
Mindful Massage

Trigger Point Sound Therapy/Neuromuscular Therapy
Orthopedic Evaluation
and Release of Hip and
* Pathology
* Physiology
Polarity Therapy
Shiatsu Massage
Sound Healing
Thai Massage

* Required for certification
Cost and times for individual classes vary.  See our classes and calendar tabs for more information.

Next 500 hour class offered September 7th through December 17th.
Wed and Sat schedule with some daytime classes as well
Cost: $7,500 payment plans available
To register or for more information, call 831-476-2115.



Cypress Health Institute is committed to providing the highest quality education in a safe, loving, and professional environment for our students. We focus on professional integrity, personal growth and therapeutic effectiveness. Cypress Health Institute excels in teaching massage therapy and healing. Students get direct and personal support in learning, practicing and feeling the healing capacity of massage therapy and human touch. We offer a wide variety of healing modalities, from Rieki to Pathology, with a convenient schedule. At Cypress Health Institute Massage School, small classes, hands-on instruction and direct healing experiences give you the best education. Respectfully explore, develop and appreciate what you can do now. If you aspire to work as a healing Massage Therapist, Cypress Health Institute can help you achieve your goals, and can bring a wealth of experiences and self realization along the way. Call (831) 476 2115 or Email to begin working towards the career your heart is longing for!

Cypress Health Institute is a nonprofit education organization dedicated to the teaching of preventative and holistic health care practices. We wish to provide an opportunity for the interested students to acquire professional training in a broad spectrum of therapeutic skills useful in facilitating a high level of physical, mental and emotional well being in both themselves and others. Program emphasis is on a commitment to professional integrity, personal growth and therapeutic effectiveness. It is our intention that the conscientious student will graduate as a massage therapist of the highest caliber.


The Cypress Health Institute has been licensed since 1982. The Cypress Health Institute is operating with license under California Educational Code Section 94311 (d). Our graduates are fully certified under guidelines issued by the California Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Department of Education.

Cypress Health institute is located at 1119 Pacific Ave, Suite 300 Santa Cruz, CA 95060